Dating cites Sexy chat for free and dont have to sign up

The more masculine the man, the greater his desire for feminine women.

Live streaming alone isn’t a money spinner — that’s where the business mode comes into play.

Virtual gift-based live video streaming has become highly profitable in China — that’s to say that users buy small “virtual” items that they send to their favorite streamers to get attention, convey their gratitude, etc.

In December 2016, the service covered around 23 percent of the daily active users for the main application.

In 2017, we plan to expand the user acquisition effort beyond the Momo platform,” said company CEO Tang Yan in the earnings conference call.

Momo’s mobile gaming unit has been growing quickly thanks to several big titles like hard-core game Momo Craft and Momo Fight the Landlord.

Momo doubled down on this in 2016 as it retreated from a previous joint venture on game publishing in favor of in-house development.

Men reported stronger attraction to femininity in women’s faces in test sessions where salivary testosterone was high than in test sessions where salivary testosterone was low.

This effect was found to be specific to judgments of opposite-sex faces.

Momo’s live video streaming business adopted a similar commercialization model in which the platform enables viewers to buy virtual gifts for singers, with the revenue split between the broadcaster and Momo.

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