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If you enter a letter rather than a number, the scan will stop without consuming any of the characters, the next input call will return due to the already buffered line, and may still consume nothing.Your program loops continuously because every input statement is failing to consume the newline and returns immediately.so, if I have something like this: It will tell C to print my Double, but to treat it like an integer.

I found this solution in another post My prof posted this Im not sure how it helps but I thought it might help someone To make sure that a user-input number is an integer you can use the notion of casting.

Casting is a way to tell C to treat a variable as if it were a variable of a different type.

I'll leave it to you to determine how to best accept the appropriate input and validate that input since you've asked in generic terms how to validate in a separate function.

I would also take a look here for more information on C programming.

determines whether the user input was valid or not.

Also, you should not be passing the address of the parameter to scanf, it's already a pointer to an int.

Remember that scanf returns a value, and that value is the number of items that were successfully filled.

So if you want to get one integer from the user (you can check to see if it's a single digit after the scanf itself succeeds), and they enter an integer, then scanf will return 1. Depending on if 1 or 0 is returned, you can go from there (if single digit, proceed to next step, if not single digit or if return is 0, try again).

To do this, probably I will have to divide the string and evaluate whether each character is within the ascii range for numbers, can anybody help me by giving me ideas on how i can achieve this, and is this possible? /* file usestrtol.c * * 15-Jul-2002 * (C) 1999 by Jack Klein * All rights reserved * * License granted for free non-commercial use * * Description: * * this program demonstrates the use of the standard * library function strtol() prototpyed in and * is in the std namespace * * The strtol() function operates with an array of constant * characters as its source which could be read with the * cin.getline() member function instead of the C library * fgets() function * * It can even be called with the pointer returned by the * c_str() member function for a std::string */ #include Here's another shot at it. i see, thank you all so much, but could you help me by inserting some comments, i understand the syntax of the code, but i am having trouble with identifying the purpose of certain segments of code, the purpose of some lines...

I didn't see that it had to be an integer (so it checks for real numbers, though thats not hard to modify). isdigit() only returns TRUE if the character passed is '0' - '9'.

Otherwise, whiteflags link works for the string parsing route.

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